Familie Zeller aus Martinszell  
Mittwoch, 27.03.2019
Keeping alive family tradition
The Martinszeller Association consists of people around the world who are descended from a well-known family by name of Zeller. This family came to Würtemberg in the mid 16th century from the small town of Martinszell in Bavaria. Through the centuries the family Zeller has remembered and honored their forebearers, many of whom were prominent clergy. As the family grew and branched out they retained close ties, helping and supporting each other as wars, persecutions, and untimely deaths caused tragic strains on them. This tradition continues undiminished to this day, primarily in Würtemberg, but increasingly with family members in many other countries. The Association maintains and keeps alive the history and traditions of the family. More importantly, by communicating and coming together with family descendants throughout the world, they carry forward these traditions to new generations that are the future.
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