Familie Zeller aus Martinszell  
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The first known ancestor of the Zeller family was Konrad Zeller (ZB 1), a builder and stonemason from Martinszell near Kempten (Bavaria). About the middle of the 16th century, he and his son Hans (ZB 2) were employed by the Dukes of Württemberg to rebuild the Hohentwiel castle into a fortress (NW of Lake Constance). Hans Zeller's eldest son Johannes (1548-1613, ZB 3) was destined to become a Protestant pastor. He married the daughter of a town councillor in Tübingen. Johannes Zeller had several children, the eldest of whom, Johannes (ZB 4), also became a pastor. This son married Beatrix Bloss, the daughter of a wealthy mine owner. Through his four sons, Johann Konrad (ZB 16), Christoph (ZB 190), Johann Ulrich (ZB 386), and Johannes (ZB 393), he became the forefather of the four Zeller family lines of Bebenhausen, Denkendorf, Stuttgart and Maulbronn.

Johann Konrad Zeller (1603-1683, ZB 16), who begins the Bebenhausen line, was prelate of the Bebenhausen monastery school. His tomb with an epitaph and a portrait can be seen in the medieval church in Bebenhausen. By his three wives he had a total of 15 children. Most of his male descendants became pastors.

Three generations later, our ancestor Heinrich Hartmann Zeller (1738-1786, ZB 48), pastor in Sulzbach near Backnang, was the only one to continue the male line within the Bebenhausen line. His four sons, however, opened four new branches of the family. The Herrenberg branch derives its name from the home of our ancestor Magnus Friedrich Zeller (1768-1821, ZB 50), the oldest son of Heinrich Hartmann Zeller. He was the superintendant of the Herrenberg church. His wife (nee Camerer), as well as his mother-in-law (nee Moser), came from old and esteemed Württemberg familles of scholars and municipal officials. His son Magnus Friedrich Zeller (1803-1843, ZB 53), served as the church superintendant of Besigheim/Neckar. He and his wife Friederike (nee Herwig, 1801-1843) died within three months of each other, most probably of typhoid fever. They left nine children between the ages of one and fourteen. Relatives and friends of the family took care of the orphans. The eldest of the sons, Johannes (1830-1902, ZB 56), became a missionary in Palestine. Albert (1833-1921, ZB 57), whose descendants are listed in this booklet, emigrated to the US where he became a pastor. Wilhelm (1835-1887, ZB 58) tended the botanical gardens of the universities in Marburg and TÜbingen. August Hermann (1842-1926, ZB 53. 10) also emigrated to North America where he converted to Roman Catholicism and became a priest. Before his death he served as chaplain for the convent of the Order of St. Francis in New York State.

You will find details about the origin of the family, about the etymology of the Zeller name, about the shield and the heraldic motto and about the genealogy of the Zeller familiy in "The Zeller Book" (Karl August Zeller, Die Familie Zeller aus Martinszell, Stuttgart 1974) The Zeller Book and its genealogy has been continued by Gerhard Zeller: Nachfahren der Familie Zeller aus Martinszell, Stuttgart 1996, and also by Martha Adams: Descendants of Albert Zeller (1833 - 1921) Pastor in USA and Canada, Buffalo NY 1988

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